Why Upload Speeds Matter

Most Internet Service Providers list their packages as a single speed, such as “150 Mbps”, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Your Internet service consists of both an upload and a download speed, and many other providers have a large discrepancy between the two. They are telling you what you can get for download speeds (receiving data), but upload speeds (sending data) can be just as important for many customers, especially businesses.

For residential users, your upload speeds are what determine how quickly you’re able to transfer photos and videos from your camera or phone to online albums or share posts on social media sites. Upload speeds are important for interactive applications, affecting the quality of your online gaming or video chatting experience.

Business applications that require significant upload speeds include IP security cameras or phone systems, video conferencing, off-site backups, sharing large files via email or cloud applications, or just a lot of Internet traffic.

If your upload speeds are being throttled, it will impact your download speeds as well. Because of these factors, we have designed our Internet packages so that you are getting what you pay for, both down and up.

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