Remedy for Wi-Fi Frustrations

Wi-Fi has quickly become lifeblood in our lives. For many of us, a day without Wi-Fi would cause considerable stress, as we’ve incorporated this convenience into so much of our lives—downloading music, gaming online, using social media, or simply looking up anything we want to know on Google. But while Wi-Fi is incredibly convenient, it’s not without limitations.

You’ve probably experienced some of the limitations of Wi-Fi, ranging somewhere on the spectrum from mildly irritating to pull-out-your-hair frustrating. Like when you’re browsing on your favorite app from the couch in the basement, and you’re still able to load pages but it’s taking for-ev-er. Or when you’re in the middle of an online game, about to make a big move, and your internet drops off.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to remedy these issues. It’s called Managed Wi-Fi, and you can get it along with your subscription to Citizens Fiber Internet service. With Managed Wi-Fi, you can expect:

  • Predictable wireless performance with our commercial-grade router.
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting for any issues that arise with our local technicians.
  • Opportunity to extend the coverage area within your home. (Ask us how! 724-423-5777)

Let Citizens diagnose your issue and propose a Wi-Fi solution customized to your home. Enjoy peace of mind and smooth out your Wi-Fi frustrations with Managed Wi-Fi.