Throttling Internet? Where We Stand


Recently in the news, the topic of Net Neutrality has resurfaced, with concerns over reports that internet carriers are throttling internet traffic. The most common apps that experience throttling are YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, according to research from Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

This type of throttling is not currently illegal, as Net Neutrality was repealed by the FCC on December 14, 2017, allowing ISPs to make the determination as to how they would handle internet traffic on their networks. Though it is not illegal, and is generally communicated in the fine print of Terms of Service agreements, it is frustrating to consumers.

Whether you argue for or against Net Neutrality as a regulation, we want to reiterate and assure you that Citizens Fiber supports an open internet without any prioritization of traffic.  This means regardless of how you consume the internet Citizens Fiber will not give special treatment to one stream of traffic or product while throttling or blocking others. 

Our 100% fiber optic network is designed to handle large amounts of data and there is currently no benefit to our customers in changing our stance.

In short, we are the alternative to big companies that place profit over what is best for the customer. We hope that by giving you an open internet and respecting your privacy, you will trust us with your business and continue to support your local ISP.